Sign Up to Local Groupon and Living Social Sites Whilst Traveling to See More While Spending Less

I have something to confess: back home in Australia, I did not sign up for Group Buying websites such as Groupon and Living Social. I honestly thought they were just for cheap skates. And I would cringe even just thinking about redeeming one of the offers. However, when you are backpacking, you are on a budget. And money saved can go a long, long way! Especially when you are traveling in a region where your dollar stretches very far indeed.I have been traveling for over 6 months now, and I have only recently started taking advantage of these Group Buying websites on my travels. And boy, am I glad I found them!These websites often have fantastic deals that suit the traveler as much as the local. And, the best thing is that you don’t have to be a citizen of the country you are visiting to purchase and redeem these special promotions advertised on these sites. Anyone can buy them!I have personally eaten at world-class, local restaurants on the cheap, gained entry into museums and on to rides at discounted prices, and stayed at great hotels in Malaysia and the Philippines (so far) – all thanks to these websites. In fact, if it weren’t for these Group Buying websites, I would have missed so many opportunities, as normally, eating at fancy restaurants, and staying at fancy hotels escapes the backpackers budget.Indeed, they allow you to you taste, see and experience things that you might otherwise not be able to afford on your minimal budget.These websites are also a great resource in discovering new and exciting things to do in your new city. For example, you might never of thought of joining a 3-day boot camp in Chiang Mai; or getting your teeth whitened in Manila; or tasting your first lobster in Penang…But check-out what current deals and promotions are on when you visit a new city and you may find yourself doing something you have always wanted to do, or never even thought of. And hey, isn’t that what traveling is all about?Prepare to be surprised at what you can do, and how little you can do it for whilst traveling with these Group Buying websites.Remember: travel smart, and take advantage of these special deals that are out there as much as for the local as for the tourist.Happy traveling!