Suit Case Vs Backpack, How Are You Going to Travel?

So you’ve finally decided to take a trip, a crucial step in going forward and enjoying your trip is correctly packing, and with correctly packing comes with the crucial decision of what you are going to pack your belongings into.One of the first things you’re going to have to decide on is how you are going to enjoy your travelling. Here I will be breaking down each approach to packing and weighing the pros and cons to a suitcase, and a backpack so you can properly make a decision for yourself when you do decide to go travelling.First up, we have the,SuitcaseProsYou most likely already own one, or know someone that does.
Suitcases are usually build very sturdy (great for protecting your belongings.)
Most allow you to attach a lock.
Usually bigger than the standard backpack, and therefore you can pack more.ConsBulky, and not convenient if you are constantly travelling around
Either your wheeling it around, or carrying it, which isn’t exactly ideal.
Although you can pack more, is it really necessary?BackpackProsEasy to carry around, and keeps your hands free.
Allows you to pack less (could be an advantage).
Great for the outdoors if you’re tenting.ConsSoft, and doesn’t provide as much protection for belongings inside.
Most don’t have a way to lock it shut.
Smaller, therefore you can’t take as much stuff.
You’re most likely going to have to buy one.When I was deciding for myself the biggest factor in my decision was mobility. Ideally what I look for in my trip is having the freedom to travel around the east coast easily without having to worry about lugging around a suitcase. A backpack in my eyes keeps everything you need on your back and keeps the whole process a lot simpler for where ever you decide to go.Once I had decided to buy a backpack, some basic research yielded that it is worth the extra to go for quality, and the size of bag can be totally your decision. Whether you do want the bigger bag for anything you pick up along the way, or packing lightweight and keeping it simple with a smaller one. Regardless in my opinion you want to be looking for one that is roughly between 40L-70L.I ended up finding a bargain on a great used 60L hiking bag for around 80$ (retails at upwards of 200$) on my local classifieds bulletin.All in all, it going to come down to your opinion and how you would like to experience your travels, if you are likely staying in one place taking a suitcase is going to be your best bet. While if you’re feeling adventurous and want to be mobile throughout your trip then you might want to consider taking a backpack.

Health and Fitness Jobs You Can Try

The health care industry is a multi million dollar industry that has a very wide coverage, ranging from nursing to care, and from nutrition to medical. It is not just all about doctors and nurses who have the great jobs to help people stay healthy. There are other health and fitness jobs that cater to all walks of life for their every health related needs. Some of these jobs require a degree specifically for that profession while others will only require some certification or formal training.So if your heart is focused on caring for the welfare and health of other people, why not consider some of these jobs? You will never know if your through calling lies on one of them.1. NutritionistIt is not only in hospitals and clinics where you can find a nutritionist nowadays. Some people actually hire a nutritionist for their own well being, especially if they have serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and other serious illnesses. These people will naturally need carefully prepared meals that contain all the nutrition that they need to help them with their condition. It is the nutritionist who makes sure that the patient eats only the food that is good for them to ultimately help them on the road to recovery.2. Fitness or gym instructorOne of the most common and exciting health and fitness jobs around is that of a fitness or gym instructor. But do not let stereotyped notions of a fitness instructor fool you. The job is not all about helping a guy build muscles to help him compete in bodybuilding competitions. There is more to it than that, although it does involve that sort of training. Some are aerobic exercise trainers that help their clients get their feet moving to help burn the unwanted fat and keep them in good shape. There are also those who just help a client build muscle to help their body tone up to look and feel good.3. Massage therapistYour body can only take so much beating from all the pressure that we expose it to, so it comes naturally that we need to relax and calm down every once in a while. A good massage will usually do the job and an equally well trained massage therapist will help us in relieving stress from our mind and body. Most of the time all we need is good relaxation to help us get started for another day or week of hard work.There are many other health and fitness jobs that you might find interesting. If you are very serious about it and have the time and resources, you can pursue a career as a sports physician and help athletes stay in perfect form. Or better yet, you can always start your own gym or your own spa and invite people to come in, either to help build a healthy body or to relax a tired one. While there are many reasons to get into one of these jobs, you will find that it is very rewarding both financially and in the satisfaction that you will get for helping others stay healthy.